New Year Transformation Series

This series kicks off the new year with five messages about the transformative power of Christian faith. These are essentially stand-alone topics related to a common theme, so it is not necessary to read them consecutively. Click on any individual PDF file to view or download, or go to #6 for the full set in a single PDF document. These sermons were originally delivered between Dec. 31, 2006 and Jan. 28, 2007.

1. Transformational Faith or Seinfeldian Spirituality? - Will this year be the same old, same old, or can you experience real change?

2. That's What it's All About - How the Great Commission empowers us to be Christ's agents of change in the world.

3. The Opposite of Racism - What would it look like to really overcome racism?

4. The Freedom of Forgiveness - What the woman who anointed Jesus' feet teaches us about genuine worship.

5. When Two Fools Collide - What it takes to have truly transformed relationships.

6. Full Transformation Series